Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is blaming Heritage Action for the Senate's failure to approve several key Obama administration nominees, and said the "cabal" is preventing the executive branch from functioning the way it should.

As an example, Reid said on the Senate floor that that group, which is the lobbying arm of the Heritage Foundation, has prevented Republicans from taking up the nomination of Adam Szubin for a key position at the Treasury Department to fight terrorist financing.

"Powerful right-wing groups announced they're scoring votes on presidential nominations," Reid said. "In fact ... Heritage Action, which is a front group for the Tea Party and the Koch brothers, said the Senate should only confirm nominees they deem — they deem, not the senators, but this right-wing cabal — that they deem worthwhile."

Heritage Action doesn't receive money from Charles and David Koch, which Reid has blamed for the last few years for trying to promote Republicans over the will of voters. But Heritage Action is closely aligned with the Tea Party movement.

A day earlier, Heritage Action called on Republicans to turn away several lower court nominees. However, Republicans mostly ignored that and approved a judge Wednesday in a 84-2 vote.

The group responded by saying it's happy to be identified as the group stopping Obama from implementing his agenda.

"Heritage Action is proud to stand up to President Obama," Vice President for Communications and Government Relations Dan Holler told the Washington Examiner. "It is what conservatives all around the country expect us to do, and it is what they expect the Republican-controlled Senate to do."

Heritage Action has argued that Obama "routinely tramples over the legislature's prerogatives," and that members therefore shouldn't accede to Obama's demands, and instead need to "reassert their constitutional prerogatives."