Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid praised President Obama’s 2016 budget for leaving out money to develop Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste dump.

“This budget ensures that Yucca Mountain will never see the light of day,” the Nevada Democrat said. “Yucca Mountain has not received a dime in years, and that will not change. Everyone should accept that and move on.”

Reid has been Congress’ chief opponent to the Yucca Mountain project, which has stalled and is now nearly defunct, thanks in part to Reid’s efforts.

The remote Nevada site was once set to be used as a repository for the nation’s nuclear waste. Reid has helped to block the project by preventing federal funding for its development and by ensuring the appointment of Nuclear Regulatory Commission members who side with him on the issue.

But now that Republicans are in the majority, Reid has lost his power to block legislation from coming to the floor that might reopen the debate over whether the Yucca repository project should be funded and completed.

Reid, who is back at work following surgery to repair an eye injured in a recent accident, said the president’s plan would also provide a $500 tax credit for Nevada families.

“This credit would provide real help for families in Nevada and throughout our country,” Reid said in a statement. “In addition, tripling the child care tax credit and expanding access to state paid leave would give workers not just more money and job security, but more time.”