Highway travel is always an adventure, particularly when it comes to finding a place to rest your head.

If you're looking to break free from the “same old, same old” matching bedspread and drapes, there's a new generation of “moteliers” creating lodgings that take the cool quotient to the next level.

For some travelers, one size does not fit all.  “Part of the fun of road travel is finding cool, interesting places to stay,” said John Costa, a graphic artist from Columbia. “I always prefer a one-of-a-kind motel or hotel.”

Nestled in New York's Catskill Mountains is a kitschy compound owned by B-52’s singer Kate Pierson. Kate's Lazy Meadow is a 1950s dream come true, full of Airstream trailers and hipster-styled love shacks. “Guests love the combination of the mountains, the river and our homey, laid-back vibe,” said Monica Nation, Kate's business partner. “There was personal thought put into each and every suite, and Kate did an incredible job.”

Just north of Kate's Lazy Meadow is another hipster haven that will have you wondering if they inject “cool” into the waters of the Catskills. Formally an ordinary roadside accommodation, the Roxbury Motel has been transformed into an over- the-top experience complete with themed rooms featuring a caveman's lair, an ultramodern space pad and a genie's bottle. 

“It is not just a place to stay while you enjoy the beautiful Catskills but a full-blown entertainment experience of its own,” said Gregory Henderson, the motel's co-owner and proprietor.  “Each room exudes its own carefully crafted ambiance; we strived to make every single suite a groovy place to stay.”

If you prefer your getaways with sand and salty air, the Jersey Shore has its own version of reinvented motel hipness. The Starlux in Wildwood was one of the first motels on the shore to be refurbished and given a design that George Jetson would surely approve. “I stayed in one of their Airstream trailers,” said Costa. “I don't know if a motel can make you cool, but I know I was — at least for those two nights.”