Now that Chief Justice John Roberts has been the deciding vote to uphold the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, it is as good a time as any to look back at those who were convinced that he was a right-winger hiding behind rhetoric about being an umpire.

The New Republic’s Jeffrey Rosen: “Four years ago, when John Roberts became chief justice of the United States, he said that he hoped to emulate the modesty and unanimity of his greatest predecessor, John Marshall …  he (now) risks being remembered instead as a conservative Earl Warren”

People For The American Way’s Ralph Neas: “There is growing evidence that the confirmation would move the court dramatically to the right, and that is information that the senators did not have before the end of July.”

Jurist Godwin Liu: “What we already know from Roberts’s record is cause for concern. His legal career is studded with activities unfriendly to civil rights, abortion rights, and the environment.”

Slate Columnist Dahlia Lithwick and New York University Law Professor Barry Friedman: “Under the stewardship of its boyish chief justice, John Roberts, the court has taken the law for a sharp turn to the ideological right, while at the same time masterfully concealing it.”