Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, hinted on Saturday that more articles of impeachment aimed at President Trump may be on the way soon.

Green is the co-sponsor of Rep. Brad Sherman's article of impeachment, introduced on Wednesday, accuses Trump of obstruction of justice and alleges that he interfered with the ongoing federal investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election by firing FBI Director James Comey.

He said that if the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee won't hold hearings on obstruction of justice, which considered the articles of impeachment against former Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton before the House voted on them, he would file his own.

"Each member of the house can file a resolution for impeachment. I was proud to join Rep. Sherman with his articles of impeachment, but I will be filing articles unless, of course, the Judiciary Committee acts on what's been filed already," Green said Saturday on MSNBC. "If they should then there won't be a need."

Green has been calling for Trump's impeachment since mid-May, and has said he's received multiple death threats since then.

Host Joy Reid asked Saturday if there's any chance Congress, both chambers of which are controlled by Republicans, would impeach Trump. Green said the House at least "has to have the opportunity" to conduct a vote.

If the House were to approve an article of impeachment by a majority vote, the president is impeached, and the issue would then move to the Senate. According to the New York Times, the Senate would then hold a trial overseen by the Supreme Court, after which a two-thirds vote that finds the president guilty would remove him from office.