Representative Ed Perlmutter, D-Colo, has reversed his previous decision to drop out of Congress, and has announced he will seek re-election next November.

The about-face was rumored for more than a week, and is certain to roil some of the younger up-and-comers in the party who had jumped in and announced their intentions for the primary.

Perlmutter, first elected in 2006 in a Democrat wave year, dropped out in April when he announced his plans to run for governor. What he didn't anticipate, however, was that his colleague in the House, Jared Polis, Democrat from Colorado's 2nd Congressional District, would be getting in the race too, and bringing his personal fortune along with him to self-finance sizable chunks of his campaign.

Once Polis got in the race, Perlmutter dropped out, and not long after the rumor mill began churning that Perlmutter would try to return to D.C.

Perlmutter gave a tip of the hat to the fellow Democrats he's now pushed back to the side.

"They are all wonderful people, and I know for them and some others my decision is not convenient or well timed, for which I'm sorry," he said in a release, per the Denver Post.

Perlmutter's district was originally drawn to be competitive, but has become more left-leaning in recent election cycles. But it still contains numerous smaller constituencies that both parties rely on driving to the polls to be successful in both local and statewide elections.

Of the few Democrats that had announced their intentions to run for the seat, one has suspended their campaign in reaction to Perlmutter's decision, while others have yet to decide or comment.

Perlmutter and Polis were both eyeing the governor's chair that becomes empty in 2018 when John Hickenlooper is term limited out of office. Hickenlooper is sometimes mentioned as a presidential possibility, and has been making numerous appearances with Ohio Gov. John Kasich talking about healthcare reform.