Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., pointed at Trump's "behavior" surrounding the special counsel's investigation into the Russian election meddling as a sign that he has something to hide.

"You know, people who have nothing to worry about don't behave in the way that this president continues to behave," Swalwell, a member of both the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Thursday. "And I think that tells us a lot about what was going on with the president, his team, and Russia."

Blitzer asked if the congressman was worried that Trump may try to remove special counsel Robert Mueller after hearing of the latest report that Mueller is now looking into possible financial ties between Trump and Russia.

Swalwell said he believes the president is trying to get rid of Mueller and has worked to "undermine" the investigation as a whole.

"I do worry that this president, every step along the way, has tried to obstruct either the House's investigation or the criminal probe into the ties with Russia," Swalwell added. "So, I am glad though that the Senate, it looks like, is trying to put [a] guardrail in place in case the president tries to get rid of Bob Mueller."

Senators have introduced a bipartisan bill in the Senate designed to protect Mueller from being fired.

Swalwell didn't comment on whether the House is working on a similar bill to protect Mueller, though he did add that the House Judiciary Committee is working to understand the political and financial relationships between the president, his family, and team.