Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., said he spoke to the man who opened fire on Republican lawmakers on a baseball field in Alexandria, just minutes before the shooting took place.

The man, who was wearing a red shirt, asked Duncan a question: "Was the team practicing Democrat or Republican?"

"I told him, they were Republican, he said, OK, thanks, turned around," Duncan said. "I got in the car and left to find out my Republican colleagues were targeted."

Duncan was asked whether lawmakers were targeted because they were members of the GOP. "Based on the question he asked I would make that assumption," Duncan said. "Because he asked me if this team was the Republican or Democratic team practicing. He proceeded to shoot Republicans. Take that for what its worth."

Duncan said the man he spoke to fit the description of the shooter. Duncan said he provided a statement to the Alexandria police.

Duncan, who plays shortstop for the GOP team, made the statement as he entered an all-member, closed-door briefing on the shooting.

"I know what he asked me, I know how I answered, I know what happened," Duncan said. "I'm going to take it he was targeting Republicans this morning."

Duncan said he is "shaken up," after the event.