Rep. Leonard Lance, a New Jersey Republican who some had speculated would retire in 2018, told the Washington Examiner he plans to run for a sixth term.

Lance disputed reports that he is not running again and said he believes the information was leaked by Democrats, though he added, "I can't prove that."

"That's wrong," Lance told the Washington Examiner when asked about a report that he was weighing retirement.

Republicans could be facing a large batch of retirements in 2018, which is supposed to be a particularly difficult midterm for the majority party.

Among those who would be the most vulnerable are the party centrists, who typically hail from swing districts that did not support President Trump or only narrowly voted for him.

So far, Reps. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania, Dave Trott of Michigan and Dave Reichert of Washington have recently said they are not running in 2018.

"I am running again," Lance said.