House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Mich., said he was “very concerned” about security at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, warning that Russia was not sharing its intelligence on terror threats with the U.S.

“I am very concerned about the security status of the Olympics,” said Rogers on CNN's “State of the Union.”

I do believe the Russian government needs to be more cooperative with the United States when it comes to the security of the games,” he added. “We have found a departure of cooperation that is very concerning to me.”

Security fears for the games in Sochi have intensified after a number of bombing attacks by Islamic radical groups seeking greater autonomy from Moscow.

Rogers said those attacks as well as reports that Russia had moved 30,000 additional troops to the region hosting the Winter Games, had raised his concerns that Moscow has not been straightforward with the U.S. about potential threats.

“We don’t seem to be getting all of the information we need to protect our athletes in the games. I think this needs to change and it should change soon,” he added. “They are not giving us the full story about what are the threat streams and who do we need to worry about.”

The White House after a series of bombings in Russia in January said that it also wanted “closer cooperation” on security and offered Moscow assistance.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has increased security in the country and said his nation will be prepared for the games.

The Sochi Olympics also sparked controversy after the Obama administration criticized Russian lawmakers for passing anti-gay rights legislation.

President Obama ignored calls from some groups to boycott the games, but named openly gay athletes to the presidential delegation -- a move seen as a snub to Putin.

The president and first lady and other top administration officials will not be attending the games.