Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen on Tuesday said the viral video of a passenger dragged off a United Airlines flight reminded him of President Trump's 2016 campaign rallies.

The Tennesseean made the remark at a House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing where airline executives, including United CEO Oscar Munoz, were testifying.

"It was awful to watch that. It reminded me of a Trump campaign rally," Cohen told Munoz of the passenger dragged off a United flight in April. "People shouldn't be treated that way."

Cohen then provided his personal take on a number of other airlines.

"American and Delta are a tiny bit better than United on pitch. Spirit is the worst," Cohen said. "I think Sky Blue is good, but probably Alaska is OK. It's been shown that passengers can get problems with their veins and thrombosis from long flights."

Cohen then asked Munoz about how the seats affect passenger safety and evacuation concerns, and the United CEO deferred to "seat expert" Scott Kirby, the president of United Airlines.

"Safety is our number one priority," Kirby said. "And we test all of our aircraft for evacuation."

Cohen then griped to an American Airlines executive about a flight he took this week.

"Yesterday I flew on Air Wisconsin and that's the worst seat I ever had in my life," Cohen said to Kerry Philipovitch, American Airlines senior vice president. "The Air Wisconsin planes are buses with propellers. Why do you use Air Wisconsin and put passengers in those teeny, tiny, awful seats with probably the worst pitch, worse than Spirit, and the worst width? Why do you use those?"

Air Wisconsin is a regional airline that partners with American Airlines.

"Thank you for your business in Memphis, we're glad to be able to welcome you on board," Philipovitch answered. "We know we need to work to standardize the product and services."

Other lawmakers joined Cohen in expressing their displeasure at flying on commercial airliners.