Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., made those comments during a House Energy and Commerce hearing today on a GOP bill to sunset the Energy Department program that gave Solyndra a federal loan guarantee.

You could say Rush was not on board with the idea. His comments began (at 3:45 in the above clip) with the following :

I want to thank you, Mr. Chairman. We are here today to continue the political theater, or should I say the political satire, that has become the hallmark of the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee under the Republican leadership. Today we are here to mark up the so-called “No More Solyndra Bill”, but a better, more fitting title would be the “No More Innovation Bill.”

Mr. Chairman, this bill creates a winner’s list of DOE projects that were submitted before Dec. 31, 2011 but would withhold valuable funding for projects submitted after that date. Under this ridiculous bill, any new, potential technological advances or important new energy innovation would be absolutely shut out of critical DOE funding, which is in fact a lose-lose for those searching for new technologies for the future.