Rep. Hank Johnson D-Ga. today apologized on the House floor for using the word “midget” explaining that it was “out of ignorance” not out of “spite or hatred.” Johnson explained that he had never heard of the “m-word” and didn’t know that the word “midget” was offensive.

Johnson went on to compare the “m-word” to the “n-word.”

“Everyone knows what the n-word is,” Johnson said. “The n-word Mr. Speaker is used to describe a group of people and the n-word used to be fashionable, or it used to be socially acceptable to use the n-word – but now we don’t say the n-word, we say, we refer to that word as the n-word.”

“To my discovery, just within the last 12 hours or so, I have found that the use of the ‘midget’ – excuse me – the m-word refers to a group of the people – the little people,” Johnson said, mistakenly using the word “midget” again.

Johnson added that when he was referring to “little people” he was not referring to the middle class, the makers vs the takers or the 47 percent – but “dwarfism” or “abnormally small” people.