Rep. Tim Huelskamp is enjoying the attention he's gotten as the public face of the GOP's frustration with MSNBC.

He couldn't resist twisting the knife on Twitter after Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus barred his staff from appearing on the network because of a tweet that suggested conservatives hate biracial families.

Though MSNBC President Phil Griffin later apologized to Priebus and fired the junior staffer who posted the tweet, Huelskamp tweeted a picture of himself and his wife with their four adopted children. See it here:

Huelskamp, who represents the 1st District of Kansas, came to national attention after a face-off Wednesday with MSNBC host Rachel Maddow in which he called her "a cheerleader" for the Obama administration and deflected her attempts to twist his words.

His comments, and Priebus' action are a sign that the GOP is finally ready to get tough with the left-wing network's relentless bias, which a National Review report suggested is being driven by Maddow, and race-baiting of Republicans and conservatives.

MSNBC and its sister network NBC rank at the bottom of the media outlets people trust for news, according to a new poll by the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling.