How slow is the economic recovery? How hard-pressed are local school board budgets? Well, a website for young women seeking wealthy older men to shower them with gifts — i.e., “sugar daddies” — is reporting that 40,000 of its members are claiming their occupation is “public school teacher.” reports that the average registered public school teacher on the site is between the ages of 28 and 33 years old, and asks for $3000 a month in financial assistance,” it said in an August 22nd press release.

According to the release, the Philadelphia City School District leads the nation with 674 public school teachers seeking a wealthy older man. The Miami-Dade School District was second with 507 and Los Angeles Unified School District was third with 491.

Rounding out the top ten school districts with women seeking sugar daddies were: Clark County, Nevada, which includes Las Vegas, 488; New York, 472; Chicago, 356; Washington, D.C., 340; Atlanta, 311; San Diego, 283; and Houston, 258.

The website says it noticed an upswing of new registrants listing their occupation as “teacher” in the last month, a fact it attributed to coming of the new school year. Spokeswoman Angela Bermudo said it then decided to count the number of teachers on the site and do a follow-up survey.

“The survey was distributed these women, and they were asked which public school districts they taught in with the option of filling in an answer if their school district or school was not listed. Private school, Montessori, and other non-public teachers were excluded from the release 40,000 number,” Bermudo said in an email.

She stressed that the women’s individual website pages only mention that teaching is their occupation. They don’t say where. “It seems some publications have misunderstood this. The information on specifics was gathered through the survey,” she said.

Brandon Wade, CEO of — motto: “having set a higher bar for what it means to be a ‘sugar daddy’” — said financial stress was driving women to his website.

“It’s unfortunate what is happening in the American public school systems. Teachers are placed under enormous pressures to mold the young minds of tomorrow, but are expected to do so with less wages than their peers, and by working longer hours. Then those same teachers are forced to work in underfunded schools, and marginally supplied classrooms,” he said in a statement that was no doubt an utterly sincere expression of solidarity for teachers and not a PR stunt timed to coincide with a notoriously slow news month.

He added:  “You can’t expect a teacher to accept less pay for more work than their peers, and then reach into their pockets to fund your child’s classroom. But that’s what’s happening. If those are the expectations and pressures we are putting on our teachers in America, than they can’t possibly be judged for whatever extracurricular activities they choose to pursue to stay afloat.”

Neither the National Education Association nor the American Federation of Teachers, the nation’s two largest teacher unions, responded to a request for comment on the survey.

Hat tip: Emily Zanotti at Naked DC.