States that supported President Obama's 2012 re-election will cash in under Obamacare as tax dollars flood states taking the lead in adopting the president's namesake health reform, according to a new national survey of the economic impact of the Affordable Care Act.

The in-depth study from Wallet Hub, which looked at 11 economic categories to determine which states benefit most from Obamacare's dollars, said that Democratic states are much more likely to see an economic surge than GOP red states.

That’s in part because many GOP-controlled states have been slow to adopt Obamacare, limiting their take of federal Medicaid dollars the president is throwing at states quick to offer the health insurance program.

“Blues states are expected to benefit most from Obamacare reforms,” a Wallet Hub spokeswoman told Secrets. She added that if every state were to opt-in, Republican states would quickly catch up to Blue states.

Wallet Hub is a web-based financial services firm.

The study found that the benefits to pro-Obamacare states can be huge. For example, for every dollar a Vermont resident pays into the system, they receive $55 in new federal funding. But in Mississippi, which hasn’t joined Obamacare, “taxpayers are giving up $8.03 in federal funding for every dollar they are currently set to pay for Medicaid expansion in other states,” said the report.

In the report, New York was named the top Obamacare beneficiary. Georgia was last.

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