Hillary Clinton emailed classified information using her private email address months after leaving the State Department, according to a published report.

The Democratic nominee discussed with a group of diplomats and former staff members a deal between the U.S. and the United Arab Emirates in a May 2013 email that was obtained by the Republican National Committee through the Freedom of Information Act.

However, the contents of the email were redacted and are not slated for declassification until 2033.

The news comes as Clinton faces fresh questions about her email server as the State Department prepares to release dozens of deleted records related to Benghazi.

Clinton has repeatedly argued she never sent or received any classified material on her personal network. While she later amended her statements to specify that none of the information was "marked" classified, the FBI announced last month that at least three emails had indeed been marked classified.

The New York Post first reported the email regarding the deal with the UAE.

That agreement centered on the Middle Eastern nation's nuclear energy production. It allowed the U.S. to share technology and materials for nuclear energy production but barred UAE from enriching uranium, a step in the creation of atomic weapons.

UAE representatives reportedly questioned the merits of the 2009 agreement, known as the "123 Deal," in the wake of the nuclear accord struck between the U.S. and Iran.