John Kasich's presidential campaign is reportedly pulling radio ads from the airwaves in Wisconsin in advance of the state's April 5 Republican primary.

Wisconsin-based radio host Charlie Sykes, a Ted Cruz supporter and influential conservative in the Badger State, first reported the news on Twitter Monday.

In a statement to the Washington Examiner, Kasich campaign spokesman Chris Schrimpf explained that "like any good campaign, we are regularly allocating and reallocating media in a dynamic atmosphere."

"As a new poll out today shows, Wisconsin is a competitive state and in certain Congressional Districts, Gov. Kasich is best positioned to finish ahead of Donald Trump," Schrimpf said, citing an unspecified poll. "We are increasing our buys in some Congressional Districts in Wisconsin and reallocating in some others."

The Ohio governor announced a series of digital and TV ads in Wisconsin, while campaigning there last week, continues to struggle to compete with Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the Midwestern state. He has also downplayed his expectations in Wisconsin, suggesting that states like Pennsylvania and New York are far more important for him to perform well in.

"We're going to do fine, I'm not going to predict that we will win Wisconsin," Kasich told reporters last week.