The mainstream media have dropped all pretense of objectivity in covering pushy New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's campaign against guns and sugary treats, according to a critical new report.

The Business and Media Institute, part of the conservative Media Research Center, reveals that the major TV networks, cable news and some print outlets have turned into public relations firms for the mayor.

From Jan. 1 to March 23, Bloomberg was interviewed or mentioned on network news or morning shows 43 times, "promoting his policies and giving the public an annoying play-by-play of every silly new initiative."

The report noted the irony in some of the Bloomberg love. "Ironically, on March 25, ABC's Good Morning America hyped Bloomberg's latest anti-gun ads. Reporter Jim Avila touted how the mayor had 'a personal fortune he is willing to spend.' This is the same media that consistently smeared the Koch brothers every time they got a chance because of their political spending."

The report also hit print media for bowing to Bloomberg's agenda. "In Feb. 2013, liberal political site Politico was ecstatic about a pro-gun control official winning an Illinois congressional primary in a far-left district, backed with $2 million from a Bloomberg-funded group."