Amid growing pressure, leadership in the North Carolina House of Representatives has drafted new legislation that seeks to repeal parts of the controversial so-called bathroom bill.

WBTV in Charlotte obtained the draft legislation that would walk back parts of House Bill 2. The bill, passed in a one day special session and signed by Republican Gov. Pat McCrory later that night requires individuals to use the bathroom corresponding with their birth gender, not gender identity.

One thing the draft bill would do would be the creation of an official document that would recognize a person's gender reassignment. That document, called a certificate of sex reassignment, would then be the equivalent of a birth certificate.

The draft legislation also adds specific references to federal statues that provide special protections for certain groups of people, in addition to increasing the penalties for suspects convicted of committing certain offenses in a multi-person bathroom or change facility.

According to WBTV, the main driver of the new draft legislation was pressure from the NBA. Charlotte is set to host the 2017 NBA All Star Game, but that certainty has been up in the air following the implementation of HB2.

An anonymous source revealed that along with the NBA, executives with the Charlotte Hornets, City of Charlotte leaders and other legislative figures have been involved in ongoing discussions pertaining to the keeping of the All Star game in the city.

Numerous entertainers and businesses have cancelled plans in North Carolina following the bill's enactment.

North Carolina and the Obama administration are also embroiled in dueling lawsuits over the bill.