A report released Monday on the future of the main branch of the D.C. Public Library system  says the city might want to consider selling the building and moving the Martin Luther King Memorial Library somewhere else downtown.

The report by the Urban Land Institute comes after a week-long inspection of the aging building and includes several other options for District officials to consider. Ultimately, the ULI concludes staying at the current space is just too expensive.

However, all "scenarios will require significant investment by District government for major improvements to the building," according to the report. The suggestions are, in no particular order:

    •    Keep the existing building as a library and lease excess space in the building to another commercial, nonprofit or municipal entity.
    •    Maintain the existing building for complete use by the library.
    •    Sell the building and identify another downtown location for the central library.

A news release by the D.C. Public Library says officials will begin an analysis next month to determine the feasibility and cost of implementing the scenarios.