Security experts are focusing on 47 partially redacted emails from Hillary Clinton's private server that discussed CIA personnel or operations, arguing the government may have inadvertently highlighted agency material for hackers with access to the original records.

A former National Security Agency official told the Associated Press Wednesday that, if any individual or organization had tapped into Clinton's homebrew server and taken copies of her emails, the redactions denoted by the State Department as pertaining to the CIA would create a "key" for them to locate the names of CIA operatives.

Those names might otherwise appear innocuous if hackers did not have redacted versions of the emails to which they could compare the originals.

The security concerns come amid renewed scrutiny of Clinton's private email use, weeks after the State Department inspector general faulted her for breaking agency rules and just days after the FBI told a judge it was holding records recovered off her server as "evidence."

Clinton has repeatedly argued that her server did not put any government information at risk because she did not transmit anything "marked classified" on her email network.

However, the State Department was forced to mark more than 2,000 of her emails classified before releasing her records over an eight-month period starting last summer.