A new and circumstantial report about the roots of the Tea Party tries to tie conservative donor Charles Koch and Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz to libertarians who deny the Holocaust, prompting a sharp retort from Koch Industries, long the punching bag of liberals.

Mark Ames, an MSNBC contributor, wrote for nsfwcorp.com that Koch and his brother David have funded publications that have at times featured writers considered Holocaust deniers. No evidence is given that the Kochs agreed.

Ames notes that Charles Koch funded a libertarian periodical named in the U.S. Holocaust Museum’s holocaust denial timeline. The publication, Rampart Journal, was overseen by Rampart College and Freedom School, a libertarian outfit run by Koch’s friend Robert LeFevre, who the museum also called a denier.

Koch also funded Reason Magazine, which, in the 1970s, featured war revision stories, wrote Ames.

The goal of the article is to describe the libertarians who influenced the Kochs and later Cruz, painting the old-school political thought leaders as allies of the Holocaust denier movement.

Koch Industries, which rarely reacts to attacks, told Secrets that the story is an attempt at character assassination. Mark Holden, general counsel for Koch Industries, said, “The story is unhinged, untrue and an attempt at character assassination through innuendo and insinuation.”

While the Kochs are hit with a guilt-by-association charge, the author doesn’t make the same charge against former Rep. Ron Paul, who Ames writes works closely with an aide who has questioned the historical reports that six million Jews were killed in death camps.

The story was apparently sparked when Cruz compared pundits supporting Obamacare to Hitler’s appeasers in Britain during his recent 21-hour Senate talk.

Concluded Ames, “Today, the loudest bleaters about the Holocaust and the worst abusers of Holocaust analogies are the same Tea Party libertarians whose roots lie in the sordid effort to deny the Holocaust, but who today abuse, flog and inflate away the Holocaust by comparing every political dispute to the Nazi genocide.”

Paul Bedard, the Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at pbedard@washingtonexaminer.com.