April Ryan, a CNN contributor and White House reporter for American Urban Radio Networks, asked the White House on Tuesday if it believed slavery in the U.S. was wrong.

Following up on questions at the day's White House press briefing about comments by the administration's chief of staff John Kelly, Ryan, an often controversial and confrontational figure, called out to White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

"Does this administration think that slavery is wrong?" Ryan asked as Sanders left the podium.

Sanders did not respond to that or other questions called out to her from reporters in the room as she was leaving.

Ryan did not respond to a request for comment from the Washington Examiner. She did, however, acknowledge the incident on Twitter, and said Sanders had no reply for her.

"I sure did and there were crickets!" she tweeted.

Kelly, the White House chief of staff, said in a TV interview that aired Monday that the Civil War was caused by a failure to "compromise" between the Union and the Confederacy, a comment he made when asked about recent protests to take down Civil War-era statues of Confederate soldiers from public spaces.

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