Reporter Michael Hastings revealed on Current TV last night that he was assaulted by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, describing President Obama’s former White House chief of staff as a bully.

The incident occurred two days after the election during a fundraising event at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago. Hastings explained that Emanuel tried to intimidate him and grabbed him by the arm after he recorded Emanuel’s speech – which was off-the-record.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this in my career from an American public official,” Hastings said, after playing audio of the tape. “He grabbed me by the arm and wouldn’t let go while his bodyguards approached me. And clearly trying to intimidate me with a threat of physical violence. It was abusive.”

Hastings said that he decided not to file charges but was upset by the incident.

“It’s a very revealing moment of Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He’s obviously a high profile public official. He’s notorious for this kind of abusive, bullying behavior and he get’s away with it, again, again, and again,” he added.

Hastings is a Buzzfeed correspondent and a contributor to Current TV and Rolling Stone.