A fed up Fox News’ reporter, James Rosen, accused President Obama of choosing photo-ops over wrangling with Congress over the ‘fiscal cliff’ debt negotiations concerning the expiring tax cuts.

“Why not stay in town and just hammer it out and get a deal done,” said Fox News’ James Rosen. “Why is everyone jumping on their airplane for photo-ops outside of the Beltway?”

President Obama is scheduled to fly to Pennsylvania on Friday to speak about the expiring tax cuts and reports have surfaced that Speaker John Boehner and Republicans are planning public events with small business owners.

Carney suggested that he found those comments “disparaging” as Obama’s event was intended to “continue the conversation with the American people.”

“Isn’t everybody just killing time?” asked Chuck Todd disparagingly.

“No!” Carney exclaimed.

Todd continued, “It just seems like everybody’s just killing time until the final week and the jet fumes from National Airport, people get out of school, and the holidays  come, and everybody will actually sit down to hammer it out?

“It doesn’t feel like killing time to me,” Carney responded.