House Republicans' campaign committee has struggled to compete with Democrats so far this election cycle -- and President Obama is to blame, the committee's chairman said Friday.

"Remember, the president, for all the things I may disagree with him on and say he's not good at, he's darn good at raising money," Rep. Greg Walden, the National Republican Congressional Committee chairman, said at a breakfast with reporters.

Obama promised Democrats that he would focus in his second term on raising money for the party — and, Walden said, "that's one commitment he's keeping."

"That's hard to compete with," Walden said. "They've got the president, Mrs. Obama, the vice president, they have the whole infrastructure of the administration."

In September, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee trounced its Republican counterpart in fundraising, $8.4 million to $5.3 million. Since then, the president has attended three fundraisers on behalf of the DCCC and is scheduled to do a fourth Nov. 24 in Seattle.

The president has also kept up a busy fundraising schedule to benefit the other Democratic campaign groups like the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

But part of Obama's motivation for helping House candidates, Walden said, was to return Congress to full Democratic control as it was during the beginning of the president's first term.

"If there's one thing he wants more than anything else, it's to govern these last two years like his first two years — without us being a check and balance," Walden said.