Republican David Yancey was declared the winner of the race for the 94th District of the Virginia House of Delegates after a highly anticipated random drawing Thursday.

But it’s unlikely that the result of the drawing will end the weeks-long saga, as the Democrat, Shelly Simonds, can request another recount as the losing candidate, which would put the high-stakes race in limbo again for at least several more days.

With Yancey's win, Republicans will have a 51-49 majority in the House of Delegates.

The Virginia Board of Elections met Thursday and randomly selected the winner from two film canisters placed in a bowl from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the culmination of several weeks of uncertainty surrounding who would win the seat for the 94th district in the state House.

Yancey, the incumbent, was declared the presumptive winner by just 10 votes on election night in November, but an unofficial recount Dec. 19 then put Simonds ahead by a single vote.

A three-judge panel that met to certify the results of the recount the following day ended up ruling on a contested ballot that made the race a tie, at 11,608 votes each.

The state board of elections was scheduled to meet Dec. 27 to randomly draw the name of the winner, but the meeting was postponed after Simonds asked the court to reconsider its ruling.

Simonds’ lawyers argued the panel of judges made a “clear legal error … [that] ran contrary to Virginia law” when it accepted the disputed ballot. The court denied Simonds’ request.

Simonds made an offer to Yancey on Wednesday to accept the results of Thursday’s draw as final, but her Republican challenger declined.

The Democrat suggested another recount is likely, meaning the winner of the race will not be seated until after the state legislature convenes for this year’s session Jan. 10.

“I will continue to fight. Yancey has declined my offer to make the draw tomorrow final, so I guess the only sure thing is that this won’t be settled tomorrow. I’m sorry that my district may not have representation Jan 10 because of this,” she tweeted.

“We made an offer to make the draw tomorrow final, which Yancey has declined. Just to be clear: no deal means all options are still on the table for us moving forward,” Simonds continued.