Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., bucked the White House’s decision to not release the memo written by Democratic members of the House Intelligence Committee as he argued that neither Republican or Democratic memos endangers national security.

“Both the Republican and Democratic #FISA memos should be released,” Amash tweeted. “I’ve read both memos. Neither one endangers national security. The American people deserve the opportunity to read both memos.”

White House counsel Don McGahn said in a letter to the House Intelligence Committee Friday that although Trump was “inclined to declassify” the memo, he decided against it due to national security reasons after top spy and law enforcement officials reviewed the document.

The GOP memo, which was released last week, outlined various alleged surveillance abuses committed by the FBI and the Justice Department against the Trump campaign. Trump approved its release even though Democrats and the FBI advised against doing so.

The Democratic memo is a 10-page rebuttal and adds what Democrats claim are critical details to provide context to the Republican memo.

In his letter, McGahn said that Trump instructed the Justice Department to provide “technical assistance” to the committee in the event they would like to “revise” the memo to “mitigate the risks identified.”

“The president encourages the committee to undertake these efforts,” McGahn wrote, noting that the White House is prepared to review any new draft.