Republican Patrick Mara outraised his opponents in the latest reporting period for the April 23 D.C. Council special election race, pulling in $55,206 since Jan. 31.

But with $74,438 in total, he lagged significantly behind the at-large race's most successful fundraiser, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Matthew Frumin.

Altogether, Frumin has raised a total of $130,046 -- $46,485 of that since the Jan. 31 filing deadline. Even discounting the $20,737 Frumin gave to his own campaign, Frumin has substantially outraised each of his six opponents.

Total contributions
Raised through March 10, including money from the candidate:
Matthew Frumin - $130,046.84
Patrick Mara - $74,437.80
Elissa Silverman - $61,692.77
Anita Bonds - $57,658
Michael Brown - $40,641.00
Paul Zukerberg - $20,568.00
Perry Redd - $4,571.54

An attorney by profession and a political unknown compared with some of his opponents, Frumin has already begun to put the money to use, spending $32,528 to date, including more than $10,000 on campaign consultants to help him craft his message.

Councilwoman Anita Bonds claimed a partial victory as the Democrat who raised the most money this go-round with $46,612.

However, Frumin and former Washington Post reporter Elissa Silverman, another Democrat, helped by strong numbers in the first leg of the race, have raised more money in total than Bonds. Silverman, who has raised $25,110 since Jan. 31, has brought in a total of $61,692 and has more than $32,000 on hand.

Bonds has raised $57,658 altogether and has $45,418 in the bank, according to forms she filed with the Office of Campaign Finance.

Former Councilman Michael Brown has brought in $31,141 since Jan. 31 for a total of $40,641 raised. His campaign may still be dogged by allegations that his treasurer stole from Brown's last campaign for a council seat.

"Frankly, whatever I raise, it will be enough for us to win," Brown said Tuesday. "Clearly you need some money to execute your strategy. I'm not saying we could win this with no money. Where we are now, we will have enough to win."

Pro-marijuana attorney Paul Zukerberg and Statehood Green Party candidate Perry Redd both lagged behind the rest of the field. Zukerberg has raised $11,018 since Jan. 31 and $20,568 altogether. Redd raised $3,671 in the most recent reporting period and has raised $4,572 in total.

On Tuesday, as political operatives and reporters dug through campaign filings, Silverman slammed Mara for accepting $1,000 from Freedom's Defense Fund, a conservative PAC that supported failed Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin of Missouri. Within an hour, Mara announced he was returning the check.

"She's just looking for some news somewhere to distract from her fundraising, most likely," Mara said. "We're keeping our eyes focused. We're staying focused on the campaign."