Ken Block, the liberal candidate in the Sept. 9 Rhode Island GOP primary for governor, asserted in a debate Tuesday night that his frontrunner opponent (the less-liberal Allan Fung) purchased Mitt Romney's endorsement by hiring his old political consultants.

Specifically, he said that Romney's endorsement had been for sale to whoever hired his old consultants, the Shawmut Group, and that it was even offered to him.

The relevant section starts at 5:20:

"Back in January," Block said of his own campaign, "we interviewed the Shawmut group. ... And in the two months that we interviewed them and opted not to use them they promised us that if we hired them, they could bring Mitt Romney in and endorse my candidacy. So I'm not overly surprised that Mitt came in and endorsed Allan. We kind of expected that given who the Shawmut group was and what they did."

Then again, maybe Romney actually endorsed Fung because Block has said publicly that he voted against Romney in 2012 and supported the passage of Obamacare.