Senate rules forced Republicans to drop the name of their tax bill Tuesday evening because it is too short, leaving lawmakers to adopt a new name that will be long and unwieldy.

The bill was called "The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act." But because the short name ran afoul of the arcane rules applying to Senate procedure, a Democratic aide said, the bill will no longer have a catchy name.

Instead, it will be: "To provide for reconciliation pursuant to titles II and V of the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 2018."

If you're looking to shorten it, that would be PfRPtTIIaVotCRotBfFY2018.

The name change is one of three minor alterations to the bill that will be required because of provisions that ran afoul of the "Byrd Rule" that requires, among other things, the bill's provisions to relate directly to fiscal policy.

The changes will require the House to re-vote on final passage Wednesday morning, but GOP aides laughed off the delay.

The name of the bill has been a source of news from the beginning, when President Trump reportedly wanted it named the "Cut Cut Cut" act.