Micah Edmond is a bit of a unicorn: an African-American, Jewish Republican congressional candidate who’s also a veteran.

That doesn’t mean he has a great shot at winning a House seat in the deep-blue district in Northern Virginia where he’s running. But Edmond thinks he can make the race more competitive than other candidates might have been able to.

“We recognize that it's an uphill fight — it would be for any Republican in a district like the 8th,” said Garren Shipley, communications director for the Virginia Republican Party. “But Micah Edmond is a great candidate with a fantastic bio. He's working hard and doing all the things that a candidate in that district needs to.”

Micah Edmond

  • Running as a moderate Republican
  • Marine Corps veteran who served two tours overseas
  • Former senior defense advisor for the Simpson Bowles Commission and the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction
  • Cash on hand as of June 20: About $19,000
  • Total fundraising: $65,000

Obama won 68 percent of the vote in the district in 2012. But Edmond said he thinks his focus on the impacts of sequestration on the district and his ability to reach out to minority communities that don’t typically vote Republican will give him an edge in the general.

“People are just pissed off,” he said. “They’re looking around and their leaders are not solving any problems, they’re just pushing them down the road.

“With an open-seat scenario, anything can happen,” he added.

The seat is being vacated by Democratic Rep. Jim Moran, who’s held it since 1991. Democrats nominated Don Beyer, former Virginia lieutenant governor, to run for the spot. He’s also a former ambassador and a prolific fundraiser.

“That’s a difficult seat,” said James Parmelee, chairman of the Northern Virginia Republican PAC. “Obviously that is a seat that the Democrats have held for a while. But he is a strong candidate, he’s been reaching out to a lot of communities that have voted largely for the Democrats recently, and he’s trying to break up the Democratic coalition.”