Former Vice President Cheney wants Republicans to start building bridges and work together whether they are Tea Party or part of the establishment Republicans.

Cheney told Rush Limbaugh that even though his daughter was campaigning against the more established Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., he felt it was time for Republicans to work together

"I'm from Wyoming, obviously, and my daughter Liz is running for the Senate out there this year, but one of the things we've got to be able to do is to build bridges between and establish working relationships, I think, with all factions in the party," he said.

Cheney pointed out that that Republicans should spend more time focusing on President Obama's policies.

"There's a tendency right now for people to want to condemn the establishment or condemn the Tea Party, and I think, in Wyoming anyway, we're working hard to try to keep everybody pulled together and headed in the same direction on a basic fundamental set of conservative principles that we all believe in and taking on Barack Obama, who is in fact the adversary," he said.

Cheney said that he had friends within the Tea Party movement and felt that it wasn't a "divisive force."

"I think it's important that we go forward in terms of building those kinds of relationships and get off this kick that everybody's trying to blame the other guy for the problems that occurred in the aftermath of the government shutdown," he said. "We gotta get on with the next fight, and we need to try to be united to do that."