Goodwin Liu's nomination to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals appears to be done for. So far, 41 senators, including only one Democrat (Ben Nelson of Nebraska) have voted "no" on cloture. All Republicans, including Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine, have voted "no" so far. The roll call is still going.

Liu, a liberal academic with far-left views, is one of President Obama's most controversial nominations. More about him from one of our op-ed contributors here:

In 2005, Goodwin Liu spoke out against the nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court because of Roberts’s support for “free enterprise,” “private ownership of property,” and “limited government”—demonstrating nothing more than the bubble that a twenty-first century left-wing law professor lives in that would treat such fundamental principles of America as “code words” worthy of condemnation.

Ted Frank also offers some context as to what's at stake on the 9th Circuit:

The Ninth Circuit is a court that was one vote away from striking down the Pledge of Allegiance; regularly abuses the law to disregard states’ wishes to impose capital punishment; has ordered California to release 25% of its prisoners; has forbidden Los Angeles from enforcing laws against sleeping on sidewalks; has said it has seen no reason why animals should not be allowed to sue the federal government; held an ex-police officer could sue his employer for firing him for running a porn site in his uniform; said that gun manufacturers could be held civilly liable for the shooting sprees of the mentally ill.

Update: The final vote is 52-43, with one senator voting "present." This means that Liu has failed to get cloture.