Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., is committed to playing the role of a swaggering leader in the anti-President Trump resistance, even if the contrived performance makes her look utterly ridiculous.

Even MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski suggested Wednesday that the senator's tough-talking bit is a little too on the nose.

"You're quoted all over the place about resisting, pushing back. Even one quote here a week ago, I think, where you used a profanity," the cable news host said. "But the bottom line is we need to fight hard and we're angry about what's happening in Washington."

Brzezinski continued, saying, "As someone who has spoken out strongly as well about my concerns about this presidency, do you think that tone is perhaps not — is it productive?"

Gillibrand explained that her clearly inauthentic resistance persona is her own way of fighting the Republican Party.

"I think people do have to fight, Mika," the senator continued. "Right now, we're in a battle with healthcare, and what the Republicans want is horrible… So this is an era where people's voices matter and it started with the Women's March and it really hasn't stopped."

Oh please.

Regarding tone, Brzezinksi's remarks came in reference to when the New York senator turned heads a few weeks ago with a profanity-laced address at the Personal Democracy Forum at New York University. Staying in character as a no-nonsense anti-Trump leader, Gillibrand did what many young adults do when they want attention: She used some naughty words.

"Has [Trump] kept any of these promises? No. Fuck no," the senator said. She added later that Democrats "should go the fuck home" if they're not interested in helping people.

Never mind that she's now recycling lines from April.

The 50-year-old mother of two also said in reference to Trump's much talked-about "covfefe" Twitter typo, "I think it was ‘coverage' and he was bitching about the media and he just forgot to finish."

As we've written before, the senator's resistance act is every bit as obvious, absurd and embarrassing as Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez's.

The furious-Democrat-who-uses-salty-language bit has nothing to do with being genuinely angry. It does, however, have everything to do with sending a carefully tailored message to angry grassroots supporters. Lines like "give a shit" and "go the fuck home" are obviously part of a bit. It's not authentic anger. It's about striking a pose that appeals to people who've been despondent since the Nov. 8 elections.

The funny thing is it hasn't even paid off: The Democratic Party had its worst May fundraising since 2003, according to Federal Election Commission data.

Despite these dismal numbers, however, it's likely we'll see more of Gillibrand's style of resistance in the years to come, especially as several Democrats are saying now they lost this week in the ultra-costly special election in Georgia's 6th Congressional District because they didn't play mean enough.