Details from the grand jury report on the shocking horrors of Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell's practice linked to the deaths of four newborns and a woman reveal a "Medieval torture chamber" so far shielded from the public, according a new e-book that is publishing the full report.

In "Blackout: The Gosnell Grand Jury Report the Media Doesn't Want You to Read," columnist Jonah Goldberg presents the full case against Gosnell, who is awaiting a jury's decision. He is accused of snapping the spinal cords of four infants who survived botched abortions and charges related to the 2009 overdose of a woman at his clinic.

The case was initially ignored by the mainstream media which was pushed into covering the end of the trial as public pressure for information about Gosnell grew.

According to a release provided to Secrets, Goldberg "argues that the media and political culture buried the appalling revelations for fear they would threaten the 'entrenched' view that the fetus isn't a human until it comes home from the hospital -- that mother and doctor have complete sovereignty until then."

He added, "To them, it's not the killing that offends, but the unsanitary and sloppy killing that blew the story wide open and threatened the supposed moral neutrality of that position."

We weren't provided with the full e-book, but in it Goldberg, who writes for the Los Angeles Times and National Review, reports that the grand jury report "reads like a screenplay, at others like a transcript of a medieval torture chamber."

The author adds: "Strip away the horrors -- Gosnell's collection of baby feet, his fondness for cutting the spines of already dead babies for no apparent reason -- and you are left with not merely a logical disconnect, but a moral chasm that cannot be bridged or obscured by medicinal buzz phrases or politically correct euphemisms."