Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman isn’t worried about Robert Griffin III’s future, even if he has to miss time while recovering from his latest knee injury.

As of early Monday afternoon, Griffin’s status remained uncertain. But Grossman said, “I don’t care how bad he’s hurt he’s going to be awesome, 100 percent ready to go in August and that’s all that matters.”

And Grossman said it’s not as important for Griffin to participate in the offseason as it would be for other rookies.

“I mean, he’s a Pro Bowl player as a rookie and he was behind the 8-ball,” Grossman said. “He just didn’t know the NFL at all and the offense at all. He’ll be able to watch every snap and evaluate himself and talk about it until he’s blue in the face. … It’s just not a normal rookie where you have a lot of improvement from year one to year two. It’s different when you’re already a Pro Bowler and an NFC East champion where you have a next-level approach, where how do you get to consistently winning championships. That’s awesome if that’s your next step.”

Grossman also said offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan is ready to be a head coach. Here’s why:

“He’s been able to adjust to whoever is playing quarterback, whoever is at wide receiver. He’s been able to identify what players he wants and he’s able to get them whether through the draft or free agency. He has a lot of input on what goes on here. With the success we had in the running game and the play-action we had off that was deadly all year. Seven games in a row, a lot of it was due to his game planning and execution of how to beat defenses. You saw him have the number one offense in the league in Houston and he had Matt Schaub playing at a Pro Bowl level and then you add a talent like Robert and he’s able to bring him along as a rookie and make him a Pro Bowler by doing what he does best and making things simple to start with and then progressing from there. We were able to, as we did more and more stuff with Alfred, getting as many yards as he did and being as effective as he was and Robert as effective as he was, that’s the main focus. Yes, he can definitely be in any situation and be able to lead any team. He has that type of personality.”