Robert Griffin III exited the Redskins’ 24-14 wild card loss to Seattle late in the fourth quarter. He was clearly not himself after re-injuring his sprained right knee in the second quarter. Here’s what he had to say about the injury and its impact after the game:

On if it’s his ACL: “Honestly it’s up in the air for me right now. I know coming off the field I thought it was the same thing [LCL] but right now we’ll see what it is. No matter what our season is over and I just have to make sure I get back to health.”

On talking Mike Shanahan into staying in the game: “It was a simple process. Mike asked me if I was OK. I said yes. I’m the quarterback of this team. My job is to be out there if I could play. The only time I couldn’t play is when I went down and I took myself out of the game. That’s the way you have to play it. I don’t feel me being out there hurt the team in any way. I’m the best option for this team and that’s why I’m the starter.”

On the injury: “I didn’t get hit. I planted on it wrong when I tried to throw back on the second drive, trying to throw back to Pierre. My knee buckled on me and it scared me a little bit. I got a tape job done on the knee. I was fine after that until the end of the game and that was it.”

On if he put himself more at risk: “I can agree on that. I think I did put myself at more risk by being out there. But every time you step on the field between those lines you put your life, your career, every ligament in your body in jeopardy. That’s the approach I take to it. My teammates needed me out there so I was out there for them. The impact of the injury, I’m not sure what it is. We’ll figure it out the next few days. Whatever it is, I’m sure I’ll come back healthy from it.”

On affecting his passing: “No, the knee did not affect me trying to throw. It was hard to explode off it while running. The interception I underthrew Pierre on that one. He was being held by the corner, that’s besides the point. Sometimes you underthrow a guy here and there. Just an unfortunate underthrow.”

On his reaction if Shanahan had pulled him out: “I’d probably been right back out there on the field. You respect authority and I respect coach Shanahan but at the same time you have to step up and be a man sometimes. There was no way I was coming out of the game.”

On the conversation with a coach about injuries: “That’s an awkward conversation. The head coach is asking if you’re OK and you say you’re OK. And he might say well I don’t think you’re OK and you say well I’m OK. It’s an awkward conversation you never want to have with a head coach. You don’t want him to ever feel like you’re lying to him. I wasn’t lying to him, I was able to play. Period. If he would have pulled me out I would have been highly upset but that’s his prerogative. He kept me in.”