Robert Griffin III exchanges texts with him on occasion, but doesn’t count him as anything other than an acquaintance. But he also knows he and Andrew Luck will forever be linked with one another. And Saturday is their first chance to be on the same field together.

So get ready for a week long Luck vs. RG3 stories. The first overall pick in the draft vs. the second.

“I’ll leave the talking about me and him and comparing to you guys,” Griffin said. “I definitely look forward to playing the guy throughout my career. That will be an exciting matchup every time we face each other. But you hope that for every quarterback. I never wish any quarterback harm. We’re all trying to make it in this life.”

Griffin said he and Luck knew of each other in high school – they were both heavily recruited by Stanford after playing high school ball in Texas. Griffin wasn’t sure when he first met Luck, either at a college awards banquet in Florida or at the Heisman Trophy presentation in New York.

Luck, the No. 1 overall pick, could make a quicker transition to the NFL even though Griffin might have more supporting talent. But Griffin did not play in an NFL-style offense in college as Luck did. Therefore, the adjustment will be different in terms of handling drop-back passes or throwing more from the pocket.  It would be impossible, and silly, to draw a conclusion about either player after their third preseason game.

Meanwhile, coach Mike Shanahan said they were in a good position sitting second in the draft.

“I sure liked him,” he said of Luck. “After all that hype, you’ve got to get it done on the field. You like guys that are very sharp and enjoy the game. I had a chance to spend time around him and Robert and I felt great no matter what direction Indianapolis decided to go, we’d be in good shape.”

Now, on to other topics other than Luck. Because, well, it really has nothing to do with how Griffin fares this season. But his ability to improve in the pocket does matter.

Here’s a little of what he had to say during his press gathering Monday:

On balancing making a play vs. tucking the ball away: “Once you stop trying to make a play, that’s when you start playing with fear. I’m not going to play with fear. I’ll learn from that mistake. It’s simple to learn from that.”

On poise in the pocket: “I have to get the ball out of my hand and know when to make a play and move on to the next down. When it came to being in the pocket, the poise was there. It was a matter of getting through every single read. I got through a bunch of the reads on the long run. I had scanned back across the field and took off. Sometimes it happens like that. Sometimes those crucial situations you have to get off a receiver no matter who it is and move down to the checkdown. I did it in the Buffalo game. I missed it on one play against the Bears.”

On the sack/fumble: “We watched the tape today and I watched it last night. I made the one guy miss and I saw [Alfred] Morris open in the flat. I did tuck the ball and try to throw it to Alfred as I was stumbling. That’s what caused the fumble when he hit me. If I wouldn’t have seen Alfred [the defender] would have hit me and I would have hung onto the ball. You move on. You learn from them and you just know you can’t see everybody. I was going to protect the ball, try to throw it into the flat. I got hit. They called a fumble. That’s it.”


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