Just a quick one because I wrote a story on Robert Griffin III for the newspaper. But there’s always something going on with Griffin.

1. Griffin again wowed fans with his feet. It made for fun copy, but on one play he likely would have been sacked as the defense sort of pulled up. But Griffin continued on the play and took off down the sideline and sprinted into the end zone, beating a defender. The crowd cheered and Griffin playfully tossed the ball at secondary coach Raheem Morris, who no doubt had needled him on another occasion. But it’s tough to say that it would have happened like this in a game because there was pressure and guys did slow up.

2. It’ll be interesting to see how linebackers play Griffin when he runs. There have been times when he’s kept the ball after faking a handoff, prompting linebackers to attack the running back. And this is against a defense that is used to seeing this play. Griffin’s patience will cause teams to overplay the fake. Ryan Kerrigan did just that on one play, allowing Griffin to get wide.

3. Griffin admitted he has to learn how to handle throwing on the run with defenders in pursuit. He ran one bootleg to the left Monday with linebacker Perry Riley charging at him. Griffin couldn’t unload the ball. He tried to backpedal, but would have been sacked so instead he threw the ball away. But he’ll also have to complete passes this way and already is gaining a better understanding of how to throw on the move. Yes, he did it in college. But he wasn’t being chased by elite athletes.

“You’ve got to get your shoulders around,” Griffin said. “The problem is when you have Brian Orakpo running after you and you can’t get your shoulders around. We worked on that all through our drills….If you have a guy like [Ryan] Kerrigan and Rak running after you and you have to run sideways, just to position your body to make that throw.”

4. Still, one of his best throws Monday came off a bootleg to the left. He squared his shoulders and unloaded a deep ball to receiver Terrence Austin, who beat corner Josh Wilson with an over-the-shoulder catch.

The lesson Griffin has learned lately about throwing on the move? “Throw when you’re ready,” he said.

5. Another time Griffin tried to throw a fade route to Pierre Garcon. But Griffin left the pass short because he threw off his back foot as he backpedaled.

6. And yet another highlight involved his legs. This time, though, Griffin chased down linebacker Bryan Kehl after a fumble recovery. Actually, I’m not even sure it would have been a fumble. Chris Cooley caught the ball around the 5-yard line and DeJon Gomes was right there. But the next thing you know the ball’s on the ground and Kehl is running the other way with blockers. Griffin eventually gave chase and pushed him out of bounds before the goal line.

“Why give him a free touchdown so I ran him down because I could,” he said.

7. Finally, we’re now entering the entertainment portion of camp when the rookies are asked to do skits or sing. Griffin knows what he wants to do (and, heck, he may have done it by now). His plan? Sing My Girl by the Temptations.

“I don’t plan on being booed off the stage,” he said. “Hopefully get the whole room singing and we go on from there.”


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