Richard Viguerie, the pioneer of political direct mail who turned 80 on Monday, is being feted by the leaders of the conservative movement with a huge party to celebrate his activist life in politics.

But it isn’t a sign that he’s ending his years in the trenches. Instead, he’s stepping up his battle for conservatives at the Monday night party dubbed “Richard Viguerie, Vigorous at 80: Just getting started.”

His new target is Obamacare, which he takes a shot at in his upcoming autobiography about how he's stayed healthy enough to battle liberals for eight decades.

“I don't believe good health is something the government or medical establishment can hand to us. Instead, being healthy is a personal responsibility,” he said in the book, a copy of which all 230 guests at the party at the Key Bridge Marriott are receiving.

“Some think the difference between conservatives and liberals is that conservatives prefer consistency and tradition while liberals prefer to shake things up. But the truth is that when a strategy isn't working, conservatives can be as eager for change as anyone,” He added. “For me, this is as true of my health as it is of my politics,” penned the chairman of American Target Advertising and

The autobiography contains recipes from conservative leaders and details of Viguerie’s own health and dietary habits so “conservatives can outlive liberals.”

The evening will be emceed by best-selling author Rebecca Hagelin. Speakers included Leadership Institute Founder Morton Blackwell, Reagan biographer Craig Shirley, conservative pollster Kellyanne Conway, Media Research Center Founder L. Brent Bozell III, Liberty University Provost Ron Godwin, and Viguerie’s wife, Elaine.

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