Gov. Rick Perry has assembled a legal dream team to fight his recent indictment, a sign that the Texas Republican is not taking the fight lightly despite recent remarks.

Perry has hired attorneys whose previous clients include Bill Clinton, John McCain and George W. Bush as well as one who previously served as chief justice of the Texas Supreme Court.

The team will help him fight charges that he abused his power and coerced a state employee when he tried to muscle a drunk-driving district attorney out of office with a budget veto threat.

Here's a quick look at who Perry has hired:

Mark Fabiani, who joined Perry’s team Aug. 25, earned the nickname “master of disaster” when was special counsel for Bill Clinton. He helped the president navigate a panoply of scandals, including Whitewater and impeachment.

Steve Schmidt is another recent Team Perry addition. He consulted for Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential bid, though some Tea Party activists are not fans because of his efforts to blame the loss on vice presidential pick Sarah Palin.

Tony Buzbee, based in Houston, is a trial lawyer famous for suing BP. On the day of Perry’s booking, per the Texas Tribune, he sported a bright pink pocket square and a jaunty demeanor. He’s called the indictment “nothing more than banana republic politics.”

Ben Ginsberg is also familiar with political fights. He was part of George W. Bush’s legal team during the 2000 recount, and resigned as his 2004 re-election team’s chief outside counsel after news broke that he was also advising Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

• Justice Tom Phillips is a former Texas Supreme Court chief justice.