Last night on CNN, host Piers Morgan aired a show he recorded live in Katy, Texas, featuring Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, State Sen. Dan Patrick and Rocker Ted Nugent.

Morgan continued his push to ban so-called “assault weapons,” appearing at a Texas gun store and firing several rifles before debating the issue with Texas lawmakers.

This afternoon, Texas Governor Rick Perry issued a statement to express his opinion on Morgan’s visit.

“Governor Perry and all Texas law-abiding gun owners hope that Piers Morgan enjoyed Texas,” Perry said in a statement posted to his Facebook page. “He failed, however, to convince anyone that citizens should lose the ability to protect themselves and their families by having their 2nd Amendment rights and freedoms taken from them.”

Morgan appeared to enjoy himself and even tweeted a farewell to the Lone Star state after his show. “Leaving Texas now. Met some great people, fired some alarming guns, learned a lot more about American rural culture. Bye y’all,” he wrote on Twitter.