The Washington Wizards are so bad even Andray Blatche makes fun of them.

The winless team is the bad end of a punch line from some sorry clown of a forward. The thankfully former Wizard malcontent mouthed off, "Anybody seen how the Wizards are doing?" on Monday while playing for the Brooklyn Nets.

The Wizards are a franchise-worst 0-12. With Blatche, they would have been 0-12 while he sat on the bench with some injury. At least the current team is trying, something Blatche wouldn't understand. He doesn't understand a few things, especially maturity. When the team finally cried "amnesty" last summer despite having to owe $23 million on a stupid contract that should have cost general manager Ernie Grunfeld his job, Blatche exited with rare grace. He thanked his fans and accepted the blame.

Guess lucid moments only last a moment because Blatche continues to blame the Wizards.

Sure, Blatche admits he didn't work out hard enough last season when he played only 26 games before the team simply told him to take his sore calf and go home. But Blatche whines that nobody on the team helped him get out of bed, quit partying and drive to the gym.

Actually, the problem was Grunfeld overindulged Blatche just like the GM did with Gilbert Arenas, who went from Agent Zero to a halfway house to now playing in China.

The Wizards treated Blatche special since they drafted him in the second round in 2005. He steadily improved, even averaging 16.8 points and 8.3 rebounds in 2010-11. The team thought Blatche was finally fulfilling his potential. Instead, he proved the last of the knuckleheads in a locker room filled with them before the Wizards purged the roster.

Blatche is upset the team didn't stop fans from booing or the media from criticizing. If the Wizards removed upset fans, Verizon Center would be even emptier than it was last season despite tickets selling for as little as 30 cents.

Tickets, by the way, are now nearly $1 on StubHub so things are nearly triple as good without Blatche. Then again, Blatche's return on Jan. 4 has the lowest tickets going for a whopping $9 each. Guess there's a demand to boo Blatche one more time.

Actually, Wizards fans can't boo Blatche enough. Not if he played another 10 years. Nets fans might even join in. Blatche averages 8.5 points and 4.8 rebounds, which is exactly his scoring mark last season and one less rebound. Blatche is nothing but a role player who should know his role is to be thankful for an underperformed NBA career

The Wizards may be 0-12, but they're winners for getting rid of Blatche.

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