The Washington Redskins won't change their name for decades or return to the District for a new stadium.

Oh, the Redskins will eventually amend their name, but no time soon. All this so-called political pressure and columnists calling for change mean nothing. There's no real leverage to force owner Dan Snyder to do it. Snyder loves the name as a lifelong fan and can't be shamed, bribed or threatened into political correctness. The next owner is probably the one who does it.

Should the Redskins change the name? Should fans supporting the team feel like racists?


That the name is offensive to some is regrettable. But you can't please everyone, and it's not a mind-blowing slur like other words no longer uttered nowadays. Political correctness can go too far, and in this case, changing the name is going too far. That said, everything changes over time, and whenever the name is altered, fans should complain for a day or two and then move on.

As for the stadium, my best guess is the Redskins stay in Prince George's County in 2027 when FedEx Field is replaced. While fortunes change, the city doesn't have a suitable location for the team. Trying to use RFK's venue would result Congress forcing the name change in exchange for using the federally-owned land, just as it made the Redskins desegregate in 1961 to use the stadium. The city may not be able to afford the $1 billion-plus cost anyway.

Paying for a stadium on the state's border will be too hard for Virginia politicians to sell in Richmond. That leaves only Maryland willing to invest in a new facility. Oxon Hill near the Wilson Bridge could be the site if it gains a Metro station.

Competition for the next stadium has already quietly started, but it won't truly go public until 2022 or so. Five years out will be when everyone starts offering deals. Maryland will win and lure Redskins Park and training camp across state lines as well.

At least the Redskins will be relevant in 2027 when they relocate. The Wizards and Capitals have spent the past 30 years far behind the Redskins. Not much will change. Pro basketball and hockey will further trail the NFL. Maybe Washington becomes a baseball town if the Nationals win a World Series. Sure isn't looking like this year, though.

A couple other thoughts on Washington's sports future as The Examiner closes on Friday. College sports will lose some steam over the next generation. Maryland has sold its success for Big Ten gold. Fortunately, the Terrapins will move to another conference one day. Georgetown has basketball and that's really it.

The next generation will see Washington sports win a title occasionally, but never regularly. There will be stars, but few championships.

But then, Washingtonians are used to that.

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