The Washington Redskins stink -- at least according to polls of NFL players and fans.

Linebacker London Fletcher was the only Redskins player ranked in the top 100 -- and he was voted just 87th by players and 73rd by fans. Given the middle linebacker is 37 years old, the rest of the league and fans must think the Redskins' youth movement is a joke.

Rookies didn't count, so Robert Griffin III wasn't included. But what about linebackers Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan? Anybody who thinks Orakpo isn't in the top 100 doesn't know football. Tight end Fred Davis should be ranked, but his four-game drug suspension probably influenced voters.

Here's a sample of who is on the list: New York Jets backup Tim Tebow, Carolina center Ryan Kalil, Dallas quarterback Tony Romo, Patriots guard Logan Mankins, San Francisco cornerback Carlos Rogers and even Denver cornerback Champ Bailey, who is 46th eight years after Washington traded him for Clinton Portis, who now realizes he's retired.

Teams should average three players in the top 100, but Washington basically had nothing considering Fletcher's selection is really one of long-term respect. Fletcher was a little battered last season for the first time and probably has only one more year remaining in a remarkable career.

The recent awful Vinny Cerrato-Dan Snyder drafts continue to plague this team with its dearth of young stars. No skill position players are ranked at a time receivers Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly should be in their primes. There are no young cornerbacks or linemen.

The poll showed the players ranked Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers and New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees as the top two. Fans voted Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson and New England quarterback Tom Brady as the top two. That's three quarterbacks and a receiver. At least the Redskins finally realized they needed a passer.

After the top four, the rankings were decidedly different. New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis was fifth by players, 16th by fans. Dallas defensive end DeMarcus Ware was sixth among players, 25th by fans. Baltimore defensive tackle Haloti Ngata was ninth by players, 38th among fans. Seriously, the players were far more insightful than the fans on those picks.

Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis was sixth by fans, 20th by players. That's a reputation pick; Lewis isn't quite his dominating self anymore. New England tight end Rob Gronkowski was 10th among fantasy-league loving fans, while the players ranked him 21st.

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning was 11th among fans, 31st by players. He wasn't on the list last year, so it's a big jump, but being the fifth-best quarterback is probably right. The fans were more insightful here. It's a quarterback-driven league, and Manning just won his second Super Bowl, so he's closer to 11th than 31st.

Winning -- and maybe some Pro Bowl appearances -- certainly would move a few Redskins onto the list. Until then, fans and foes just think they stink.

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