A Montgomery County bus driver has been arrested on multiple charges after police say she lied about her income to receive food stamps.

Bernadette Hall, 45, a Montgomery County RideOn bus driver, had been charged in December for misrepresenting her 2012 income to qualify for low-income housing subsidies. As a result, she had received $2,629.00 in rent subsidies.

During that investigation, police determined that Hall had also lied about her income in a food stamp application to the Montgomery County Department of Social Services and received $716 in assistance. She was arrested and charged on Tuesday with theft, welfare fraud and making a fraudulent statement on a public assistance application.

Montgomery County police spokeswoman Rebecca Innocenti said that police were working with the State Attorney's Office to determine whether the two cases could be considered together as a theft scheme. There has not yet been a court hearing for either case.

Innocenti said that as the investigation continued, police would also look into whether Hall had applied for public assistance in previous years.