A right-wing Twitter activist who was retweeted this week by President Trump and pushed conspiracy theories such as Pizzagate has confirmed an NBC News report that he is a U.S. Navy intelligence officer and that his security clearance has been suspended.

Jack Posobiec, whose full given name is John Michael Posobiec III, is a lieutenant junior grade in a Navy Reserve unit.

Posobiec, who describes himself online as a veteran, Trump supporter and political operative, has become a growing political presence on Twitter with 184,000 followers and received a boost this week when the president retweeted his claim that the media is ignoring homicides in Chicago.

"I've always been open about my military service ... That's nothing I've tried to hide," Posobiec told the Washington Examiner. He has referred to himself as a veteran and posted extensively about the Navy on social media.

He confirmed that his Navy security clearance was placed under review in February and that it might be due to activity on Twitter.

"If I had to guess it would be that, but I have no idea," he wrote in a text message. "I have never posted or discussed classified info anywhere outside of a [sensitive compartmented information facility]."

NBC reported that Posobiec has referred to various overseas deployments with the military but his service record shows an assignment to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 2012. Posobiec said he also deployed to the military's Pacific area of responsibility and had requested NBC News update its coverage Wednesday evening.

Posobiec was kicked out of Comet Ping Pong in Washington, D.C., last year while investigating a conspiracy theory that the pizza restaurant was part of a pedophile ring run by Democrats. He appeared on InfoWars to discuss the incident.

Posobiec said in a statement that he had never tried to hide his military service.

"I've always been honest and open about my military service and am proud to have worn the uniform. Why did no one from NBC simply ask me?" he tweeted.

NOTE: The headline on this story was updated to reflect that Posobiec's clearance has been suspended, not lost.