The Republican National Committee asked the Huffington Post if it's "worth employing" reporter Ashley Feinberg after she suggested that the family of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., was set to benefit financially from his brain cancer and his signaled support for the Republican tax bill.

Writing Thursday on Twitter, Ashley Feinberg, a senior reporter at HuffPost who often covers politics, said, "congratulations to john mccain's wife and children on their upcoming tax-free inheritance."

The tweet included a link to another tweet by McCain that said he was supporting the Senate GOP's tax bill, which cuts taxes for most households and also eliminates the estate tax for many wealthy individuals.

Feinberg deleted her own tweet shortly thereafter and posted another one that said, "i deleted the tweet it's not worth it."

The Republican National Committee sent out an email blast calling attention to the tweet and asking of HuffPost, "Is it 'worth' employing this person?"

"Does The Huffington Post endorse their 'senior reporter' mocking John McCain for having cancer?" wrote Michael Ahrens, rapid response director for the RNC.

Ahrens added, "Note that she doesn’t actually think there’s anything wrong with what she said – she just didn’t think it was “worth it” to leave the tweet up. Question for The Huffington Post: Is it “worth” employing this person?"

While the RNC often sends out press releases critical of reporting done by news outlets, Thursday's press release was a rare targeting of an individual reporter.

McCain, 81, was diagnosed with brain cancer in July. In September he said his prognosis was "very poor."

The Huffington Post did not immediately return a request for comment from The Washington Examiner.